Swift Rewards

Whether you’re a fan of Radio Control Cars or Radio Control Helicopters, you can still enjoy Swift Rewards.

What is Swift Rewards?

By opting in Swift Rewards you will effectively spend less on products than customers who do not take part in our reward scheme.

You collect 4 points for every £1 you spend at Swift RC i.e if you spend £104.99 you get 466 points which is equivalent to £4.66. So simply after you buy a product you get money off your next order. You can Redeem your points on anything in the store* (exclusions apply).

What are the benefits of Swift Rewards

There are a number of benefits to signing up to Swift Rewards:

1.     Rewards can be used as part payments; you do not need the complete value in reward points to buy a product.

2.     The reward scheme is exclusive to those who opt in and therefore you will receive extra offers and perks. All offers will be emailed to you so ensure that you add us to your email address book to avoid our offers not reaching you.

How do I Sign up to Swift Rewards?

Signing up to Swift Rewards is automatic, all you need to do is simply buy a Radio Control Car or Radio Control Helicopter at Swift RC and your account will be credited with points automatically.

How can I earn more reward points* (exclusions apply):

  1. Refer a Friend to Swift RC and receive 300 reward points
  2. Write a product review on our internal review system for any product which you have bought from Swift RC and recieve 300 points.
  3. Send us a video so we can upload it to our YouTube channel (swiftrcdotcom), Facebook page and our webpage (you must place www.swiftrc.co.uk to your credits or within the video); you may also upload the video to your YouTube page. You will receive 600 reward points.
  4. Send us a picture of your RC Model and receive 300 loyalty points.
  5. Purchasing a product at Swift RC. 

When can I redeem my points?

Points can be redeemed throughout our store; however they cannot be used in conjunction with special offers, sales, coupons and delivery costs.

How can I check my reward points:

You can instantly check your reward points once you log in into your Swift RC account.

How long do reward points last for?

Reward points will expire after 100 days of your purchase.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Swift RC reserves the right to vary the rate of which the reward points are gained by given you reasonable notice. 
  2. Swift RC has the right to exclude certain products from the Swift RC reward card scheme and reward points cannot be used in conjunction with special offers, sales, coupons and delivery costs). 
  3. Points can only be redeemed with a minimum of £100 order.
  4. No cash redemption value can be given for reward points.
  5. Reward points cannot be transferred to another account holder.
  6. If the product you have purchased is cancelled or returned the reward points will be removed.
  7. You may only earn more points using the above actions on 1 occasion throughout the 100 days, this does not include adding more points by purchasing a product.
  8. All actions performed in order to top up points must be in relation to products you have purchased from Swift RC.


Swift RC reserves the right to make changes to rewards points program at anytime.